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Nothing beats living your  dream in real life, and who  doesn't want to be a resident of  their dream land?  But what happens when  obtaining a passport or any other travel documents in the standard or normal way  becomes difficult?  Will you give up your dream? We can help you obtain real and fake passports, renew your expired passport or help you to get a valid visa
Diplomatic Passport

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Diplomatic passports are only given to those who need to fly abroad on official government business. It is most frequently given to diplomats and consuls posted abroad, as well as individuals employed by the government of a particular jurisdiction. How is it possible to buy a diplomatic passport? It is a trade secret. We make sure all documents are registered and verified before delivery.

Individuals must specify how they are associated with the government or state to legally apply for a diplomatic passport. This can be shown by submitting legal documentation proving their status as government employees. A diplomatic passport is likely to vary in appearance and color from a normal passport issued by the issuing jurisdiction.

We live in difficult times. Our planet is full of limitations: limitations on how much we can earn, spend and do with our money, as well as limitations on where we can move, live, and work.

If an individual is qualified and obtains a diplomatic passport, their immediate family members are also eligible to apply for a diplomatic passport. This allows diplomats to move freely across the world with their families.

The Advantages of Buying a Diplomatic Passport

The first and most important advantage of buying a diplomatic passport is that it provides diplomatic immunity and identifies an honorary consul to the host country's authorities.

While these advantages of purchasing a diplomatic passport vary from country to country, these are the most common advantages:

  • -When traveling, the holder should use the diplomatic networks of the airports to avoid time delays and customs checks.
  • -If you buy a diplomatic passport you are exempted from any taxes imposed as a result of travel by land or air.
  • -Acquiring a diplomatic passport helps you enjoy free movement and activity on a global scale. The number of immigration questions at airports will dramatically reduce.
  • -If you get a diplomatic passport, you are exempt from paying taxes on earnings earned outside of the host nation.

We don’t advise our clients to use our fake or unregistered documents for legal transactions because you might end up in problems if the information is verified in the database system. However, we always advise our clients to let us produce the Real documents if they legally want to use the document.

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